Essential Gear When Renting a Paddleboard, Canoe, or Kayak

Essential Gear When Renting a Paddleboard, Canoe, or Kayak

Can you believe that the average person only spends about 7% of their time outdoors?

Getting outside more often can work wonders for your physical and mental health. If you’ve been searching for ways to soak up more sunshine and fresh air, renting a paddleboard, canoe, or kayak is a brilliant idea.

These outdoor water activities are beginner-friendly, but it’s essential always to pack some safety gear to get the most out of your adventures. Read on so you can understand the top items that everyone should have on hand.

A Life Jacket

A life jacket should be at the top of your list when it comes to essential paddleboard, canoe, or kayak safety equipment. Even experienced swimmers need this protection because the elements can throw surprises your way. Kayaks and canoes are built to be sturdy, but sometimes they can tip over and disorient people.


Whether going out on the water for a couple of hours or building an entire beach vacation checklist, you can’t forget about sunscreen. The pleasant breeze and crisp water can trick you into thinking the sun isn’t powerful. Make sure you lather up before you start any activities to prevent sunburn.

Protective Clothing

Do you need help picking clothing for canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding? It’s wise to put on a bathing suit first in case you get wet or want to take a swim. Your layers on top should be breathable and provide coverage so you can move freely and protect your skin from the sun.

Water & Appropriate Bottle

It’s most important always to have enough water when doing any outdoor sport. Dehydration happens before you know it, especially in Florida’s merciless sun. A reusable bottle with a clip or something to clip on to is excellent so you can attach it to your craft. Not only that, but it’s also friendlier to the environment.

Food and Drinks

As rejuvenating as these activities are, you need to remember how much energy they can use up. This is why it’s worth bringing a cooler with your favorite drinks and snacks. If you want to make your experience even more unique, you can pack a meal like a sandwich to enjoy a proper picnic with a gorgeous view.

A Dry Bag

If you plan on bringing your smartphone or other electronics, you should consider a dry bag to shield your belongings from the water. You can also keep a towel and extra clothes in your dry bag so you can change after you’re done. Even if you tip over or your bag falls into the water, you can have peace of mind that everything inside will stay dry.

You Can’t Forget This Gear When Renting a Paddleboard, Canoe, or Kayak

Renting a paddleboard, canoe, or kayak can be one of the most incredible activities you ever do. After reading this guide on safety gear for outdoor water activities, you can ensure that you’ll always have fun in the sun.

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