Stand-Up Paddleboard Your Way Through Lovers Key State Park

Stand-Up Paddleboard Your Way Through Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key State Park is 712 acres of fun and adventure. There are all kinds of things you can do on these islands, including stand-up paddleboarding. Here, we’ll talk about the benefits of this activity and three areas you can do it within Lovers Key State Park.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Your Way Through Lovers Key State Park

These four barrier islands have various waterways you can explore. It gives visitors a great opportunity to go stand-up paddleboarding, also called SUPing. What’s great about this activity is that it’s a fun and unique way to get some exercise. There might be a small learning curve to SUPing, but it’s worth it for its multiple advantages. Once you get used to it, you can reach a state of mind that will allow you to meditate. You can enjoy these benefits and more once you start in any of the three SUP locations in Lovers Key State Park.

The Estuary

If you’re a beginner or want to take it slow, then the estuary is a good place to start. This path is all about marveling at the local flora and fauna. There’s vast wildlife you can find and learn about while you’re slowly paddling through the waterways. The reason it’s great for new SUPers is the smooth currents and the low winds. Even if you’re experienced with this activity, you can still go to the estuary for a relaxing trip. A tour guide can give you pointers on how to SUP and information about the surroundings.

The Back Bay

You’ve gotten used to this activity. Now you’re ready to go on a more daring adventure. The back bay puts you on a path going from New Pass to the beach and then to the Gulf of Mexico. For this waterway, though, you have to check the tides before going. The staff over at Lovers Key Adventures can do that for you. If you’re serious about improving your skills in SUPing, then give the back bay a try.

From the Beach to the Ocean

This path is for more experienced paddlers. Essentially, you’ll be traveling from the North to the South end of the park. What’s great about this is you can surf the waves. If you want to go SUPing for exercise, weight loss, and even to improve your cardiovascular health, this trip is the one you want to take. Keep in mind that you’ll want to check the weather and make sure conditions are not too rough for your experience level.

Lovers Key is Easier to Access

Lovers Key is a group of barrier islands, meaning it wasn’t always reachable by car. People could only visit it by boat up until 1965. Though a road was finally built by then, the mangrove swamps made it difficult to renovate the islands. The state government bought these islands in the 1980s. Lovers Key eventually became Lovers Key State Park when they merged with Carl E. Johnson County Park in 1996. Now you can visit this fun area from Fort Myers or Naples.

You can set up a tour with our guides in a party of three or more. Our attendants are available for trips seven days a week. You tell them where you want to go, and they’ll take you. Those who have never been SUPing won’t have to worry; there will be a 30-minute lesson for beginners. Lovers Key Adventure is where you can arrange tours and rent out paddleboards. Rental rates are $30 for one hour, $42 for two hours, and $60 for four hours.

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