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Things You Can Do Alone In Lovers Key

Does the sound of the ocean waves give you a positive feeling about the world? Lovers Key State Park, located off southern Ft. Myers, has a lot to offer and enjoy, including the waves and so much more. The adventures awaiting are breathtaking, from falling in love with the beautiful white sands to activities on the water. Lovers Key is constantly rated as one of the topmost visited parks in the state of Florida, and it will offer you an amazing experience even when you are alone.

Are you a Shell Collector?

Seashells are like tiny sea treasures scattered along this Florida beach. Lovers Key is a paradise to a hundred of these treasures. For lovers of seashells, being at Lovers Key would allow you to explore and complete your collection with shells that are rare to find. You are not likely to regret it; create some time to explore this beautiful stretch of coastline.

Experience Amazing Sunsets

Since you are alone, experiencing the sunset with binoculars at your side would allow you to catch amazing scenes of nature as the day fades away. You can grab yourself a spot anywhere along the shoreline or opt to take a walk as you take in natural vitamin D from the last rays of the sun. As the sun sinks lower down, you might glimpse some turtles and other animals along the shore.

Do you love Hiking?

Hiking can be a great outdoor activity as it allows you to experience nature and keeps you fit. Lovers Key offers several trails that you can use for biking and hiking. For a better experience, you might need to consider the times when it’s not crowded, and the weather should be during the spring to avoid bugs, and for bikers, the tires need to be fat.


Lover’s Key is the place to be for kayakers. The expansive waterways would give you enough space to explore the marine life around the park. The trip would bring you close to plenty of wildlife, including osprey and eagles and aquatic life such as dolphins, manatees, and even alligators.

While on your kayak, you might also want to explore the red mangrove forest along the coastline. Nature always bound around this forest as you might be able to see some white ibises, brown pelicans, and spoonbills as you paddle your way across the shoreline.

The variety of trails offered by Lovers Key include the beach and 5 miles of pathways crisscrossing several islands. The Black Island Trail features a butterfly garden that can be experienced all alone. Catch sight of a heron or an egret while wandering around the park.

At Lovers Key Park, we have opened a discovery center that features exhibitions halls, an observation deck, and even an art gallery. Our tour guides are well versed with the knowledge of the various habitats, trees, and flowers growing all around.

If you are looking for a fun way to explore nature, wandering off to Lovers Keys would give you that unique experience.

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