How To Enjoy The Sunset In Lovers Key

How To Enjoy The Sunset In Lovers Key

Thanks to Lovers Key State Park’s remarkable placement, the sunsets in the area are a terrific display of every shade of fire as the day fades. With Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve at your back and the Gulf of Mexico in front of you, the sound of water and movement of air will make your sunset experience amazing.

Ways to Enjoy a Lovers Key Sunset

From the Water Under Your Own Power

Take a kayak tour of the waterways as the sun drops. Follow a guide to the open water or find the perfect spot among the mangroves to soak up the receding sunlight. Take care to follow the instructions of your guide, particularly when interacting with the local wildlife.

From the Water Under Motorized Power

Consider a sunset tour along the shoreline where you can watch the stars, Estero Bay dolphins, and the seabirds. You may be able to find a dinner cruise or just an informative guide that will allow you to relax with your fellow travelers and study all the sights along the shore.

From the Beach

Lovers Key faces the Gulf of Mexico, where driftwood stands on the beach silhouette the sunset skies. Find a spot as the day winds down, celebrate your location, and settle in to watch the sun go off to sleep before you turn in, full of Vitamin D and memories of amazing colors. No driftwood? No problem. Grab a spot anywhere along the scenic beaches or take a walk as the sun drops below the horizon.

On Your Own

Grab your binoculars and head out to do some bird-watching as the sun lowers into magic-hour. As the reflections on the water lower and fade, you may also see turtles and other animal life along the shore. Take your camera and get some photos of the beautiful beaches, the birds and animal life, and the amazing colors of the sky.

With a Friend

Find a perfect spot where you can enjoy a picnic on a blanket on the beach or on one of the park benches as the sun drops below the horizon. Free yourself from all the worries back home as you wind down with the fading daylight.

A Romantic Night

Join your “more than a friend” for your time under the setting sun in Lovers Key. Take a blanket out on the beach and grab your camera. Cuddle up and take a few photos together, then settle down behind some of the remarkable driftwood on the beach to enjoy the perspective of the sun as it drops and the amazing silhouettes provided by the large natural sculptures left by the receding tide.

From the Hiking Trails

Consider a stroll along Lover’s Key State Park trails to see both the sunset and the manatees. Carefully review posted rules about manatees; while they’re called gentle, your time in the preserve means you’re in their home, so make sure to follow all the rules and avoid any contact with these wild animals.

From a Bicycle

There are plenty of trails available in Lovers Key, and they’re ideal for cyclists trying to get in a slow ride under the setting sun. If Florida has any lessons for its visitors, the “why rush?” mindset will make your visit more relaxing than you ever thought possible. Rent a cruiser-type bicycle and enjoy a comfortable ride around the islands.

There’s plenty to do in Lover’s Key, Florida. However, make sure you give yourself the gift of time and block out part of your schedule to allow yourself to enjoy the sunset. While watching the sun, you can also enjoy manatees, alligators, your friends, your loved ones, and your fellow travelers as the day winds down.

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