Top Notch Tourist Attractions In Fort Myers

Fort Myers is worthy of exploration because of its beauty and charm. Any vacationer, regardless of taste and budget, will enjoy the entire duration of their vacation in Fort Myers. There is so much to discover in this area including restaurants, boutiques, and of course, the pristine beaches. There are many places you can visit that everyone will enjoy. So if you have not written a to-do list yet, here are some must-visit places in Fort Myers you should include:

1. Times Square

The infamous Times Square is home to a wide variety of restaurants where you can please your tastebuds with different types of delicacies. You can also go to the surf shops and souvenir stores to purchase stuff native to Fort Myers, Florida. If you are more into exploring the nightlife in Fort Myers, the street performers in Times Square will not disappoint. This place is a compact area that you can explore on foot. Although the scene you will witness is mostly casual, that does not mean you cannot enjoy it. In fact, this place has a very pleasant atmosphere with its colorful painted bricks and the assortment of shops and restaurants.

2. Fort Myers Historial Downtown

Ford’s Garage, an iconic restaurant in Fort Myers can be found in the historic downtown. This restaurant displays an astonishing collection of vintage Ford vehicles and other related memorabilia. If you want to take a lazy stroll while searching for something to eat to satisfy your palate, downtown is the perfect place for you. It consists of theaters, boutiques, and restaurants that make the area livelier at night.

3. Lakes Regional Park

Once a gravel quarry, the Lakes Regional Park has been converted into a 289-acre park, which most families on vacation like to visit. If you are searching for free things to do in Fort Myers, visiting Lakes Regional Park should be on your list. It offers a playground and a splash pad for kids to enjoy. It has a miniature train, which is the park’s major attraction. The train operates as a real train. You can also visit the man-made lake where you can rent a boat. The lake allows you to watch the fountains or catch fish. If you want to break a sweat, fitness stations and volleyball courts are also available. Picnic sites are offered in the park for more laidback activities.

4. Lovers Key State Park

If you are a watersports enthusiast, Lovers Key State Park offers a wide range of activities like kayaking, canoeing, and stand up paddleboarding to satisfy your thirst for water adventure. The place is also ideal for shelling as it offers a variety of shells that are washed up on the shores. You can take a short walk if you want to go to the beach. The place gives you a glimpse of aquatic wildlife and even alligators.

5. Fort Myers Beach

Do not leave Fort Myers without exploring the beach. It is an ideal spot for dolphin watching, walking, and swimming. With the long stretch of beach from the Bowditch Point Park To Lovers Key State Park, you will surely enjoy a lot of activities including sunset-watching. When you take a very short walk, you will reach the main street where Estero Blvd can be found. There are also washroom facilities and picnic tables in the area. You can also rent beach chairs if you like a good view of the beach and everything it encompasses.

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