Top 5 Family-Friendly Activities In Fort Myers Beach

Top 5 Family-Friendly Activities In Fort Myers Beach

Summer only happens once a year. Reason enough to make sure your next vacation is well-planned, as you deserve that much-needed rest and relaxation. Heading to Fort Myers Beach has always been an appealing vacation idea for most families. Aside from the entertainment value it provides, all family members get to enjoy white sandy beaches and warm subtropical weather. It’s a good idea to do some early planning for your vacation. For one, it is not every day that you get to spend some quality time with your family. With that said, you want to make every moment as memorable as possible.

As you make your to-do list, you have to take each family member into account. The activities that you have to write down should suit all ages. If Fort Myers is your next vacation destination, there are many activities you can consider which are ideal for the whole family. Here is a quick run-down of family-friendly activities in Fort Myers Beach.

1. A Kayaking Adventure

The first thing on the list should have to do with the water. Taking part in different types of watersports is mandatory when you hit the beach. When talking about watersports, the first thing that will come to mind is the adventure it brings. There is a growing concern among parents that watersports are not suitable for children. Well, the good news is, you can safely participate in most watersports with your kids as long as you observe proper safety measures. One of the water-based activities you can try is exploring the waterways on your own by kayak, or booking a kayaking tour. Both adults and children will enjoy a close encounter with local wildlife, and learning to navigate by paddle. You do not need to have prior experience to enjoy the experience.

2. Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation

Another activity that the whole family will enjoy is the exploration of Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation. It is a perfect venue for nature lovers because of the things it offers. This place will give you an excellent overview of marine life where you get to see the alligator jawbone and other interesting exhibits that you cannot afford to miss. The nature trails are also a must-do because it gives you a glimpse of the wildlife. You and your family can also visit the butterfly house, where you will learn more about the butterflies’ life cycle and behavior.

3. Lakes Park

For families who like outdoor activities such as bird watching, biking, hiking, or picnicking, the Lakes Regional Park in Fort Myers is the place to be. Children will enjoy the playground, rock climbing wall, the splash park, and the Miniature Railroad and Train Village. The park also has facilities to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. It has free wi-fi, restrooms, sensory experience of trees, shrubs, and plants, and Community Gardens. Witness more than 1000 birds which have already called the Lakes Regional Park their home. You can also find rare species like the Black Crown Night Heron and Scarlet Ibis.

4. Naples Zoo

Fun and excitement will continue when you visit the Naples Zoo. Kids will be in awe once they find zoo favorites like parrots, cheetahs, Florida panthers, bears, and lions. The zoo not only houses terrific animals but is also home to historic botanical gardens. If you want to get up close with animals in the zoo, you can even hand-feed giraffe. There is also a guided tour if you wish to see lemurs, apes, and monkeys. For small children, the zoo also organizes a Safari Squad program for kids ages 3 to 5. The program includes various activities like storybook reading, play stations, arts and crafts, and many more!

5. Sun-N-Fun Lagoon

If you want an activity away from the beach but will guarantee fun and entertainment with kids, you should consider visiting Sun N Fun Lagoon. It is an ideal place for family bonding as it keeps kids busy and smiling for hours. It features a well-maintained water park with a splash playground, four pools, a lazy river, water slides, and water fountains. The water park has plenty of features that make activity truly enjoyable. For kids ages 5 to 12, the playground pool has water pistols, lily pads, and a mesh rope overhead. You can also take your kids to the Tadpole Pool, which is a large pool ideal for children under the age of six. The pool is 18-inches deep and has swings, wave slide, water dumping buckets, and animals children can use in the water.

Make your vacation in Fort Myers Beach exciting by including these fun-filled activities in your to-do list. You will look forward to a great family vacation with all these enjoyable activities.

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