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The Perfect Lover’s Key Wedding: 5 Simple Beach Wedding Ideas to Consider

Are you considering having a beach wedding?

You might have your doubts because a beach wedding sounds a bit intimidating. However, you can have a simple beach wedding that still has the wow factor.

If you want your wedding to be simple, but still amazing, consider these 5 tips when you plan your beach wedding.

1. Sea Elements in Your Bouquet

If you’re having a simple beach wedding without too many extravaganzas, the key is to make the small details unique. Such is the case for your bouquet.

Adding nautical elements to a traditional bouquet can make a simple bouquet look amazing.

You can try adding an anchor to the ribbon around the flowers to give it a pop. If you want to get more intricate try incorporating the seashells, starfish, or pearls in between the flowers.

2. The Attire

When you have a beach wedding chances are you want to leave the ballgown at home. As a beach wedding bride, you don’t want to be weighted down by heavy fabrics. You should pick a gown that makes you look and feel sensational, but has a light and flowy feel.

For the groom, a sports linen suit will still provide the elegance of a traditional suit, but the fabric will be loose and breathable.

It’s important you also make suggestions to your guest so dress appropriately and they don’t feel constrained.

3. Sea Theme Invitations

If you’re having a beach wedding, chances are the decoration will be simpler and different than in a ballroom.

Why not put a bit more into your invitations then? Let your guests know they’re coming to a beach wedding by just looking at the invitations.

You can do it “message in a bottle” style by sending the invitation rolled inside a bottle. Try sending the wedding details written on a seashell to give it a customized look.

4. Make the Arch The Focal Point

When you’re getting married at the beach, you can make the wedding astonishing with very little. Having an elaborate wedding arch will make it the focal point without many more decorations necessary.

Depending on what your wedding colors are, you can decide how to decorate your wedding arch. You can decorate the posts using light fabrics to give it a flowy look. You could also go the natural route and decorate using flowers.

5. Must-Have Photos

Even if you’re having a simple beach wedding, the right photographer can capture great elements to take the photos to the next level.

Do your research when you’re deciding on your photographer to ensure you get the must-have wedding photos.

You can also look at what has already been done to get ideas for your own wedding.

Nail These Simple Beach Wedding Elements

Remember you can have a simple wedding and take it to the next level with simple details.

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