New Progress Update on Lovers Key Recovery

New Progress Update on Lovers Key Recovery

Hurricane Ian caused large amounts of damage to Florida in late September 2022. Particularly the barrier islands of Southwest Florida, including Lover’s Key. As Florida’s parks and reserves reopen, Lovers Key Adventures want to keep loyal and supportive customers updated on Lovers Key’s recovery. Here, we’ve rounded up the latest developments relating to this beloved park.

Lovers Key Adventures: Rentals & Tours Available Soon!

Lover’s Key Adventures has a new temporary home. Starting 2/25/2023, we will be back up and running rentals and tours out of Bayside Park. For more information and to book, please keep checking back for more information that will be added soon.

Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key’s recovery is still a while off due to hurricane damage. Progress has been slower here than in some other parks because of the sheer extent of the damage.

Thankfully, a message on the Friends of Lovers Key website indicates that recovery is well underway. The park’s staff and volunteers are pulling out all the stops to make this beautiful location safe for visitors again. In the meantime, they are grateful for donations to accelerate the park’s reopening.

Effective February 8, 2023

According to a message from Lovers Key Park Manager Katie Moses:

The Bayside Use Area of Lovers Key State Park is open for limited day use activities. Fishing and picnicking are available along beautiful Estero Bay at the Bayside Use Area. The main and north entrances, beaches, trails, paddling trail and boat ramp with remain closed. Please adhere to all posted signs and avoid closed areas.

Florida Park Service is actively working to restore access to the closed areas of Lovers Key State Park. We look forward to welcoming guests again as soon as conditions allow.

Lovers Key State Park Before Hurricane Ian

As the park’s name suggests, this location has been a perfect romantic getaway for years. As the park was previously only accessible by boat, the state built a road to the 712-acre land in 1965.

Lovers Key State Park has housed several popular amenities since 1983, including:

  • Beaches
  • Boat ramps
  • Picnic pavilions
  • Showering stations
  • Canoe and kayak launches
  • Concessions

With these perks, it’s no wonder why the park is a popular spot.

What Now?

While Lovers Key recovery takes place, we suggest visiting the nearby Lakes Park. This park’s staff has safely reopened most of the park’s events and amenities to the public. Some beaches in the area have reopened. However, traveling North or South to locations less impacted will take pressure off the local roadways while recovery is still underway.

Visit or contact Florida State Parks or Friends of Lover’s Key for the most up-to-date information. You can also call Lovers Key Adventures at (239) 765-7788 for more information.

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