Fun Under Florida's Sun: Must-Haves for Outdoor Summer Activities

Fun Under Florida’s Sun: Must-Haves for Outdoor Summer Activities

No visit to the Sunshine State can be complete without a few outdoor activities. Now, you need a few must-haves to do these activities right, which is why you’re here. You don’t want to forget something and miss out or not get the most out of an activity.

Activities Enhanced With Must-Haves

While a good chunk of Florida summer activities can be done with no special gear, like eating a delicious Cubano or a Cuban Sandwich, there are other activities you can’t do without bringing some stuff along. In fact, many summer activities fall into this category, like SUPing, kayaking, and swimming, to name a few things. All these activities require you to have a few things on your trip. No one expects you to bring everything with you. When you get to Florida, some things can be rented, like a kayak, paddleboard, bike, and even umbrellas or beach chairs from places like Lover’s Key Adventures and Events.

The following are some items you can’t rent but are still must-have items.

Waterproof Case

Everyone’s got a smartphone nowadays, and you probably won’t leave that behind. Your map and ride-share apps are there, and contacts are there as well. Since you aren’t leaving your phone behind, you’ll want to have a waterproof case for it. Your phone will be safe and ready to use if you get this.

Swimming Additions

You are probably bringing your bathing suit, but many folks forget to bring things like goggles or rash guards if you’re thinking of doing some water sports. On top of that, some folks forget to bring a swimsuit cover-up so they can walk to a local eatery or food stand without having to change.

Portable Chargers

When you are out and about with your phone, you won’t be able to charge it. Sure, you may be able to charge it while driving, but you know that isn’t always the case or sufficient for a long day at the beach. It would help if you had small portable chargers you could use while swimming or participating in water sports. Doing this ensures your phone is ready to use when needed.

Neck Wallet

No matter where you are traveling, it’s wise to be cautious. While Florida is relatively safe, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any safety steps, like getting a neck wallet to keep all your valuables. These are waterproof and concealable. You can wear one under your shirt. Both men and women could wear these.

Water Shoes

Water shoes are essential for a trip to Florida. These shoes allow sand and water to drain, making walking or hikes more comfortable. Florida is very wet and sandy. You never know when you might need them. You can keep your regular shoes dry, clean, and ready for a night out when you get to your hotel room.

Mosquito Protection

The next you want to bring along is some sort of mosquito protection. Mosquitoes run wild in Florida. It doesn’t even have to be a spray or spritz. You could also wear a mosquito repellent bracelet. Just make sure you don’t forget to bring something.

Deodorant Wipes

Deodorant wipes usually come in handy at some point during the day. These are ingenious and individually wrapped. After a long day of water activities and fun, you’ll probably need to freshen up once or twice. Having these with you will ensure you don’t feel conscious about being around others if you have more things to do at the end of the day. Sometimes, rinsing off isn’t enough.

Sanitizing Sprays

Pandemics have certainly taught people to worry about cleanliness a bit more. There are various types of bacteria out in the world, and some can harm you. Cleaning your hands and where others might have touched them is a smart idea. It’ll keep you and your family safe. The last thing you want is to get sick during your time in Florida when you should just be enjoying the visit.

Cooler Bag

You can’t necessarily bring along a huge cooler, no matter how much you want to. Those things are too bulky to travel with, but you still need a cooler. That Florida sun can get crazy hot. Invest in cooler bags if you want to keep your drinks and snacks cool. These look like regular bags and are collapsible. This is one way to keep food safe and your drinks cold enough to cool you down when the heat is just too much.

Now, you know the most important items to bring along with you. Remember that this is your trip, and you can bring more or less stuff based on your needs.

The key is to have fun, and Lovers Key State Park is an excellent place to enjoy all the best Florida outdoors has to offer. Contact us to learn more about rentals, items available in our store, and more.

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