Lovers Key Birding Tips

Lovers Key Birding Tips

Spring is a splendid time to go birding at Lovers Key State Park. Osprey, bald eagles, snowy plovers and least terns all live in the park. If you would like to go birding at Lovers Key State Park, try these birding tips to ensure a successful trip.

Bring the Binoculars

While you can get close to many birds at the park, you can get an even better look when you bring a pair of binoculars. Consider those with 7-power or 8-power binoculars as they provide ample magnification while still providing a wide enough view that they will be easy to use.

Carry a Field Guide

A great field guide makes it easy to identify the birds that you are seeing. There are several guides that you might want to consider including:

Choose the Right Time of Day

While you can see birds almost any time of day at Lovers Key State Park, they are most active in the morning as the sun is rising, and they are active again at sunset. Therefore, consider coordinating your schedule so that you are at the park during those hours.

Get in a Boat

Many birds are best viewed from the water. Renting a kayak or canoe gives you exclusive and silent access to parts of the part that the landlubbers will never get to enjoy. Look for quiet areas of the park where the shore is lined with trees. Sit for a few minutes quietly, and you will soon see many different birds. Enjoying birding from both the land and water at Lovers Key State Park allows you to see the maximum number of birds.

Wear the Right Clothing

While many people do not burn as easy in the spring as in the summer, a wide-brim hat is still the perfect way to protect yourself from the damage that the sun can do. Consider pants that have pockets deep enough to hold your field guide. Choose clothes that blend into the environment. Try to avoid wearing white as birds see it as a sign that danger is near.

Bring the Camera

You will want to record your day of fun at the park. Therefore, make sure to bring your camera with you. If you have an option, consider bringing the one with the highest zoom because it allows you to take the best pictures.

Keep a Journal

You will want to come back to Lovers Key State Park often to look for new birds. Therefore, keep a journal of the birds that you see on each outing and their location. Additionally, consider attending one of the free programs about birds given at the park.

Going birding at Lovers Key State Park is an incredible adventure, keep these birding tips in mind and you’re sure to have a successful trip. Start the day early while the sun is rising. Look for birds from the shore. Then, rent a kayak or canoe to search for birds from the water. Bring your camera and binoculars with you so that you can record your day’s adventures.

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