Lovers Key Adventures: A Great Place For Kayaking And Manatee Watching

When it comes to spending time on a memorable vacation, Lovers Key adventures will surely be on top of your list. Lovers Key State Park is known as one of the best destinations where you can witness two captivating islands-Captiva and Sanibel. Aside from these two islands, there is so much to discover in Lovers Key whether you like natural or wild spots. There are four islands found in the south of Fort Myers Beach. These islands are all ideal destinations for all seasons.

If you are like most vacationers who want to visit Lovers Key State Park during summer months, the beach with a natural shoreline and white sand should be one of the places you should visit. The north and south end also has tree trunks that are bleached out to make the place more scenic, especially for photographers. Although the beaches are popular in summer, there are still many beach goers in winter. Most of them are collecting seashells and walking on the beach.

For those who wish to visit Lovers Key in April, this is the perfect time for bird watching. You will witness different species flock on the beach. Lovers Key also has barrier islands that are subject to development in a not so distant future. You can also take a walk or ride a bike with Lovers Key’s two hiking trails.

Kayak Tours

Lovers Key Adventures has the perfect destination for kayakers. Here you can rent single or double kayaks depending on your preference. They also have canoes and stand up paddle boards. If you want to paddle through the park’s waterways, you will have to finish a total of a 5-mile round-trip. During the tour, you will be able to pass through the mangrove-lined waterways where you can see manatees and a variety of birds. You may also have occasional sightings of the alligator.

If you want your kayak experience to be more rewarding, paddling to the Mound Key Archaeology Site is a great choice. A kayak tour will not be complete without a trip to Mound Key in Estero Bay. This is also the place where you can see manatees and dolphins.

For your next adventure, be sure to check out Lovers Key State Park. It has a lot of picturesque attractions that will make your vacation unforgettable. Everyone in the family will enjoy what this tourist attraction can offer. Whether you like hiking, bird watching or kayaking, Lovers Key State Park is filled with activities for the whole family.

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