Letting Nature Facilitate Corporate Events

Nature-loving native Floridians, as well as knowledgeable visitors, know where to find the “real Florida” when a special or corporate event is coming up. A fortunate turn of events saved Lovers Key State Park from developers’ bulldozers, leaving in place a tropical wonderland. Corporate events at Lovers Key Advenures offer guests spectacular views of birds and wildlife as well as fun on the water. Rental kayaks, canoes and paddle boats give everyone a chance to try a new activity that is relaxing and diverting.

Choosing an Appropriate Setting

The awesome beauty of Lovers Key State Park invites conference attendees to experience a welcome change of pace. All-day meetings and seminars can accomplish business goals, but enjoyable after-hours functions provide a relaxing end to a day. For executive training sessions or for board meetings, Lovers Key Adventures offers a hosting service that enhances the event. Leadership programs and team building by the water’s edge build a foundation for increased productivity at work and uniquely beneficial experiences with co-workers.

Giving Stand-up Paddle Boards a Try

Experience is unnecessary for taking a ride on a stand-up paddle board, and getting the hang of it comes quickly. Riders stand at their full height to get a panoramic view of the beach, the horizon and the water. Gliding over the calm Gulf of Mexico is an experience that visitors to Lovers Key State Park treasure for a lifetime.

Watching Birds from Land or Sea

A new dimension of bird watching is available at the park for anyone who wants to enjoy birding by boat, on foot or on a bike. Mudflats, mangrove swamps, beaches, dunes and lagoons provide extraordinary views of Florida’s birds. An abundance of bald eagles, osprey, roseate spoonbills, egrets and red-shouldered hawks offers dramatic views at low tide and throughout the day.

Kayaking in the Gulf

A blade on each end of a paddle makes gliding through the water in a kayak as easy as it looks. Lightweight and sleek, a kayak lets a rider sit close to the water without getting wet. Simple maneuvers, balance and strokes enable a beginner to achieve success on the water the first time.

Choosing a Seat in a Canoe

Sitting in the bow or the stern of a canoe determines the paddling duties for each rider. Steering from the rear seat is the best approach while the paddler in front provides power to move the canoe forward. A great activity for team development, canoeing lets riders have a smooth ride and enjoy a gentle breeze. Canoeing provides tangible proof that working together is better than working alone.

Getting Help from Experts

Planning and organizing a successful corporate event can require more time than many executives have available. Lovers Key Adventures offers an efficient alternative by providing complete planning and hosting services. Access to superior facilities on the Gulf and the experience of a trained coordinator assures clients of a successful event that ensures relaxation and enjoyment for everyone.

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