Kayaking vs Canoeing at Lovers Key State Park

Kayaking vs Canoeing at Lovers Key State Park

When you head to southern Florida and check out the beauty and adventure on offer at Lover’s Key State Park, you are going to want to get on the water and check out the options for watersports. Two of the most popular options at Lover’s Key State Park are the kayaking and canoeing that will take you around this impressive waterfront reserve that sits on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Kayaking vs canoeing are entirely different types of sporting activities on the water that are often confused.

What is the Difference Between Kayaking vs Canoeing?

The main difference between kayaking vs canoeing is the type of equipment you will use when you take to the water on these very different water-going craft. The canoe is a water-going craft that you will sit inside and paddle with a single-ended oar. The paddle used by a kayak-user is made differently with the individual using a double-ended paddle that is held between the hands and dipped in the water on each side of the kayak. When you choose to use a kayak, you will find yourself sitting on the top of the craft (Lover’s Key Adventures, like most recreational outfitters with calm water, uses sit-on-top kayaks) which can feel a little unsteady at first, but will soon become second nature.

The History of the Canoe and the Kayak

There are a few similarities between the history and the use of the kayak and the canoe that can be traced back to North America. The oldest Canoe was discovered in Holland and is known as being created from the interior of a hollowed-out tree. This canoe is thought to be more than 8,000 years old. In many areas of the world, the simple hollowed-out canoe is known as the Canadian canoe because it was used by many of the ancient tribes of the nation. The kayak also has a history tied to the people of the North Americas, including the Inuits who would make their way from what is modern-day Canada to Greenland using these small boats for hunting.

Modern Versions

The modern version of both the kayak and the canoe are options you can easily enjoy when you are heading to Lovers Key State Park. Unlike the historical versions of both crafts, the body of both the kayak and the canoe is made from lightweight, thin material. The similarity in the design and construction of the two boats is easy to see with the different styles, including wood, aluminum, composite materials, and inflatables.

You may look at the kayak and canoe and think they are almost the same, but you would be wrong. The major difference between the two is the seating position you will take up. The canoe has a large opening while the kayak has small indentations for sitting. The seating area for the kayak is raised to the surface of the craft, whereas in a canoe you would sit on the bottom or a crossbar.

How will you use your Kayak or Canoe?

Perhaps the most important thing for you to consider is who will be using your canoe or kayak. A canoe is usually recommended when a person is spending their time with a family or large group of people, and they want a canoe that will be slower but provide more room and comfort (up to 3-4 people). In contrast, you will find a kayak is generally faster and more maneuverable than a canoe meaning you can enjoy more speed and agility – on your own or with a companion – than you could with a canoe at Lovers Key State Park.

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