Here’s Why Lovers Key Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

If you are planning on taking a relaxing break, Lovers Key is an ideal destination that will make your vacation memorable. An unadulterated vacation is within your reach when you visit Lovers Key. Its main attractions include the pristine beaches ideal for kayaking and canoeing. There’s also a dedicated place for hiking and biking to fill your adventurous soul. Before Lovers Key was developed, people could only see barrier islands which were reachable if you ride a boat. The recent developments have dubbed this astonishing place as a romantic destination, ideal for beach weddings.

For vacationers, an endless choice of luxury and budget accommodations will spoil you. If you want to explore everything that Lovers Key has to offer, kayaking will surely give you the best adventure. The activity lets you explore the lagoons and canals where you can have a great view of the shorebirds and manatee. If dolphin watching is your idea of adventure, you can also get closer to the turquoise waters where the adorable sea creatures will greet you.

Things to do in Lover Key

Your Lovers Key vacation will be far from boring as there’s a wide range of activities lined up for you. So if you want to make sure that you’ll never miss out on a single adventure, planning ahead is a must.

Fishing: Fishing is a popular activity participated by adults and children alike. Here you can catch seasonal fishes like trout, snook, redfish, and tarpon. You will need a fishing license to ensure that fishing within the Lovers Key Park conforms to the regulations, especially with regard to the number and size of the fish. Even the method of capturing the fish will be taken into consideration. Each year, Lovers Key State Park welcomes myriad visitors. While shark fishing used to be popular, it’s no longer permitted these days.

Hiking: Another popular activity that you should try when taking a vacation in Lovers Key is hiking. There are two trails that you can freely explore: Black Island Trail and the Eagle Trail. The Black Island Trail is about 2.5 miles of hiking. You need to take the route leading to the maritime hammock along the Black Island’s canal banks. The Eagle Trail is 1.1 miles of either biking or hiking adventure. You can go there via maritime hammock along Black Island’s canal banks. These trails are comprised of compacted soil and grass. There can also be pockets of sand and some muddy areas.

Biking: Aside from hiking, you will also enjoy the thrill that biking brings. There is a total of five miles of multi-use trails that you will enjoy exploring. You can reach all these via the maritime hammock. There are many interesting places you can see along the trail. Your biking adventure won’t be complete without stopping by the awe-inspiring view. If you’re lucky enough, you could even get a glimpse of dolphins and manatees once you pass by the inner waterways. Biking may be your main activity, but you can also catch fish or watch an Osprey fly high. Take time to look for the freshwater pond if you want to see alligators. Don’t forget to wear safety gear like helmets, especially for the younger cyclist.

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