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Having Your Wedding At Lovers Key

If you are considering or are dead set on having your wedding at Lovers Key State Park then this article explaining the process is sure to help in guiding you through choosing Lovers Key as your wedding destination and making your wedding a magical one. This list of steps will not only make the process easier but will determine the end-result of your wedding day.

First Initial Step

When thinking about having your wedding at Lovers Key, the first thing to do is to submit a form of information that includes information such as your anticipated wedding date, what time you prefer your wedding to be at, about how many guests will be there, and what your budget is to Lovers Key Adventures. This first step is essential in the process because without confirming your dates are available you won’t be able to book Lovers Key Adventures for your wedding day. You should also make sure to submit your information as soon as you know all the details of your wedding to ensure that you get the date you are looking for before anyone else does. If in doubt, call Lovers Key Adventures and speak someone on the phone.

Second Step: First Meeting

After completing the first step and submitting the form of information to Lovers Key adventures the next process is to meet with Lovers Key Adventures so they can get to know you and your soon to be spouse better. During this first meeting, they will show you around the facilities and even talk about any ideas you have for your wedding. They have various wedding packages available, so discuss all your needs and select the one best suited for you. Since this is often a destination wedding location, it will be understandable if physically being there before the wedding date is not an option. In this case, and also for subsequent meetings, discuss these details with your wedding planner.

Third Step: Go Over It Again

At the first meeting, you probably listed off some of the ideas you have for your wedding, but the third step in the process would be to go over every single one of the ideas you have with Lovers Key Adventures and plan out all the details. This way they can do their best to put every idea together and make your wedding as perfect as possible and a dream come true.

Fourth Step: Finalizing

The fourth step in the process of having your wedding at Lovers Key would be to meet with them one last time just to give them a more exact head count of how many people are going to be attending your wedding. Another good thing to do in the finalizing process would be to set up a timeline for how you want events to happen during your wedding, so everything goes smoothly. This is the last step/meeting before your big day happens.

Your Wedding Day

After finalizing everything Lovers Key Adventures will take all the information you gave them in order to make your wedding day as special and memorable as possible. So after all that stressful planning it is now time to enjoy your wedding and all the hard work that was put into it.

Special Wedding Venues

Lovers Key Adventures
8700 Estero Blvd,
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

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