Expand Your Curriculum at Lovers Key State Park

Expand Your Curriculum at Lovers Key State Park

Teachers need to begin planning now to bring their students to Key Lovers State Park. Even if the weather is a bit nippy, bringing children to the park can help improve their performance on standardized tests, according to numerous studies.

Studies conducted by Stanford University found that people who walk outside are much more creative. Doctor David Strayer at the University of Utah says that it is all about giving the brain a break. When the human body receives that break, then it becomes more creative. Students who are more creative, score higher on standardized tests.

Furthermore, in studies conducted with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) children, it was found that children who played outside scored 81 percent higher on concentration tests. Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to fewer inside all day. This is particularly the case for children with ADHD who need to burn off energy.

Teachers will soon begin fighting the endless colds and flu that attacks their classrooms each year. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that students who were exposed to natural light on a regular basis had fewer infections. Furthermore, research shows that patients who are healing from surgery need 22 percent fewer painkillers when exposed to natural light.

Teachers who bring their students to Lovers Key State Park may experience an improved mood among their students, and even fewer discipline problems in their classrooms in days following the trip. Getting outside for even a few minutes helps fight seasonal affective disorder in both children and adults.

The staff at Lovers Key State Park can help you plan all types of enjoyable activities that tie naturally into your curriculum. For example, students can hike five miles in a maritime hammock forest learning about the habitat located there. Students can learn about the predator cycle or other concepts appropriate to this area.

We can also take children to the water where all types of science experiments can teach the children about low and high tides, water quality and so much more. We can also teach children about the first settlers in the area to make your history lessons more exciting.

There are so many possibilities that your children will be buzzing about their trip for months to come. We make it easy for you to arrange it. The first step is to contact us today.

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