Essential Clothing And Sun Protection For Standup Paddle Boarding

Essential Clothing And Sun Protection For Standup Paddle Boarding

One of the best ways you can get the most out of your beach vacation is when you take part in water activities. Paddling is an activity filled with fun and adventure. Whatever type of adventure you decide to participate in, it’s important to be equipped with the right gear so your activity goes as planned. Get to know the list of must-wear protective stand up paddle boarding gear:

1. Sun Hat

When on the water, you need to protect yourself from the harsh heat of the sun. And water wear such as waterproof hats is ideal for you because it can protect both your scalp and eyes from the sun. You can pair your waterproof hat with a pair of sunglasses to add layers of protection to your eyes. The glasses also keep your eyes safe while the hat reduces the possibility of getting a glasses tan.

Choose the materials that will not take out your comfort when it gets wet. Avoid cotton fabrics and other materials that absorb water quickly. They can be your number one source of discomfort when they get wet.

2. Hydrophobic shirt

When you’re exposed to the sun for more than 20 minutes, you know for sure that your skin will most likely suffer from the harmful UV rays. Wearing a thick shirt might seem to do the trick but not for long. You still need additional protection so your skin won’t suffer from sunburn. Shirts made of cotton may provide temporary protection, but when it gets wet, the material clings to your skin.

There’s also no assurance that you won’t get burned because the cotton shirt is not specifically designed to protect you against the sun. What you need is a hydrophobic top which is made of light material that doesn’t sag even when it gets wet. It dries quickly and provides you with UV protection.

3. Natural Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the essentials you certainly can’t leave home without. Choosing a sunscreen that does a great job in protecting your skin against UVB and UVA is the best option to consider. Zinc oxide is known as the natural sunscreen because it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients.

When purchasing sunscreen, be sure that it contains zinc. Avoid products with oxybenzone, which is a common ingredient found in most sunblock. It’s a synthetic estrogen that when absorbed by your skin can cause disruption in your hormone system. Trusted products usually contain, cocoa, coconut oil, and other organic ingredients.

4. Compression pants

Although not a common safety gear, compression pants have been known for doing a good job in improving your blood flow when you’re on the water. They bear a strong resemblance to yoga pants, but more athletic in some ways. Professional paddlers wear compression pants in race events. Aside from its performance, the compression pants also have the ability to provide you with more sun protection than typical beach wear like board shorts or bikinis.

Be sure to wear your protection so you don’t have to worry about nasty sunburn. The weather can get harsh and instead of having fun, you may end up cooped up in your room because of the discomfort brought about by the harsh UV rays.

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