Dig Into the Natural World at Lovers Key, Florida!

Dig Into the Natural World at Lovers Key, Florida!

Lovers Key State Park is the place to truly revel in the natural world that is such a gift to Florida. These four islands are a microcosm of the landscape of the region. There are plenty of white beaches where your skin can soak up the sun, but your camera and binoculars will also get plenty of use!

Variety In the Water and Out

At one time, there was a plan in place to develop these islands. However, removing the mangroves actually started to damage the land, so the islands were put into state ownership in the late ’80s. Since then, their return to a healthy state has progressed rapidly.

Choose Your Viewing Goals

Are you a hiker? Bring your binoculars and your camera, because you will have a lot of birds to observe. Do a little study on the wading birds, such as the American Oystercatcher, or the predators, such as the eagles that nest in this expansive park.

Carry water, bring your comfiest boots, and be ready to stop and rest your feet on the hour to stay cool. Once you’re calm and quiet, check out the trees for the best birds to view.

Put Your Paddling Arms to Work

While staying at Lovers Key State Park, be sure to rent a kayak and get out on the water. You can enjoy studying the waterbirds in the region, the waders along the shore, and the manatees waiting just below the surface. These lovely and massive marine mammals thrive in waters that don’t allow motors, so your time on the water may allow you to observe several at once. The adults are quite slow and gentle, though the young are a bit more playful.

You’ll find spots on the islands where you can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and other tools to get you on the water.

Carry Your Own Sunbathing Gear

While you’ll find places to sit and relax on the beach, traveling with your own

  • chair
  • umbrella
  • towel
  • cooler
  • sunblock

You’ll also find places where you can easily rent this gear. If you forget your sunscreen, never worry. There are several shops within the park with the gear and supplies you need to enjoy a safe, relaxing, and amazing vacation.

To Swim or Not?

There are gorgeous beaches on the Lovers Key Islands where you can paddleboard, swim, or relax. There are also amazing areas of the beaches that open up to the sea. Here is the place to look for and revel in scenic driftwood “forests” created during heavy storms.

In addition to packing your camera, be sure also to bring a bucket so you can gather shells. The beach, specifically known as Lovers Key Beach, is more than two miles long and offers some amazing shell-gathering opportunities along the Gulf of Mexico.

Plan for a Special Event

There are multiple spots to have a family party at Lovers Key. Be ready to contact the Lovers Key Weddings & Events to book the gazebo or other beach venue for a wedding, anniversary, or birthday party. Your special event can be serenaded by the waves and backed by the sunset. Who needs to pick any more wedding colors than a Florida sunset?

Lovers Key is a wonderful combination of natural preservation and vacation fun. You may be surprised at what an amazing time you can have, enjoying the stillness of a quiet beach or the peace of a breezy hiking trail. If you’re looking for low-key, family-friendly fun in the sun and sand, make plans to visit Lovers Key State Park.

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