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8 Expert Tips for Successful Event Planning

Planning events is not a rocket science, but it calls for an acute organization and the ability to pay attention to details. When everything happens without a hitch, nobody will take notice. But, if something goes awry, it will cause a public spectacle. Below are tips to help you manage and execute the event process.

1. Start early

It is never wrong to have too much time to plan the event. If you are planning a large-scale event, start four to five months in advance. But, for smaller events, two months is good enough time. Try and finalize all the important contracts (vendors, venue, etc.) at least one month before the date of the event. Contact us to book your event at Lover’s Key and our event coordinator will work with you all the way.

2. Make a retro planning document

Begin with the date of the event, and make a detailed list backdating everything that needs to take place, and giving each a firm deadline and a responsible member of the team. Some deadlines may be altered, but use this as your team’s master reference, and let everyone check off items as soon as they get accomplished.

3. Negotiate with the vendors

Everything is negotiable, even when someone says it is not. Before starting a conversation with a vendor, list everything you need from them; create your budget, and then offer them a figure that is five to ten percent lower. Remember, you will always encounter unforeseen costs (such as service fees, post event taxes, etc.), thus, allow some room for these. Go through the proposal steadfastly, and tell them which parts of the estimate are too high. Vendors have dozens of competitors, and they will often give you a discount to win your business.

4. Divide and conquer

Assign chunks of the event to every team member. If someone is responsible for a piece of the puzzle (such as catering set-up, registration, etc.), the details are less likely to slip, and the team members will feel responsible and more involved.

5. Make it social

Events are a perfect way to harness the social media presence of your client. Provide a sign-in sheet for the guests’ twitter handles. Also, prepare a custom hashtag for the event and ask the attendees to tweet about it. You can also post pictures of the event on the company’s Facebook page or blog, and let the guests tag themselves.

6. Create an event Bible

However long you prepare, the day of the event will most certainly be hectic. Thus, prepare a simple binder with all your vendor contracts, a cheat sheet of contact information, and extra copies of the floor plans for easy reference.

7. Always have a plan B

Some things will be late while others won’t arrive at all, and another one will most certainly go wrong. Try to anticipate the aspects that will significantly affect your event and prepare a backup plan for each.

8. Do a mental walkthrough

Two weeks before the main event, think carefully through every minute of the event, from the beginning to the end. Doing this will help you to be prepared with all the intricate details.

Planning an event is not as complicated as it seems. However, you have to pay attention to every detail. Start planning early, negotiate with the vendors for a discount, and always have a backup plan, and everything will go well.

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