5 Ways Students Benefit From Lovers Key Field Trips

5 Ways Students Benefit From Lovers Key Field Trips

There’s nothing quite as exciting to a student as the idea of a field trip. And when your field trips are as fun as a trip to Lovers Key, they’re sure to have a blast!

But did you know that a field trip to the Key can be beneficial as well as fun? Here are five great reasons to take students to Lovers Key!

1. A Nature-Based Field Trip Offers Hands-On Learning

There’s certainly a time and place for a lecture or an in-classroom activity. But studies show that not all students learn from taking notes, reading, or listening.

Your class is likely filled with kids who would are what’s known as kinesthetic learners.

These kids tend to learn best by getting out and doing, not sitting in a classroom all day. They need to see and feel a lesson in order for it to sink in.

What better place to let your kids explore than in nature? Touching nature and witnessing animal habitats firsthand is bound to be something your students remember for years to come.

2. Lovers Key Has Tons of Wildlife

When you take your students into nature, you’re giving them the opportunity to witness wildlife firsthand. And make no mistake, there’s no shortage of wildlife here.

Students can learn about all sorts of animals, including dozens of species of birds, reptiles, and fish. If your students are learning about nature this park makes for the perfect field trip destination.

3. There Are Activities For Kids of All Ages

Whether you’re teaching small children or teenagers, there’s certainly no shortage of fun activities to do on a field trip to this fantastic beach.

Take a leisurely stroll around the shore, or test your endurance with five miles of trails.

If a day on the water sounds more enjoyable, you can rent kayaks or canoes and let the kids paddle around in the water.

4. Field Trips Improve Social Skills

It’s important that kids develop social skills by interacting with their peers outside of the classroom. And a field trip is a great opportunity for kids to make brand new friends and improve social skills.

Teachers can organize a scavenger hunt and split the kids into teams. This is a great way to encourage teamwork while having a blast.

5. Kids Will Return Refreshed

The benefits don’t necessarily end when the kids board the bus to go home. You can expect to benefit from a great field trip for days after the trip.

You’ll likely notice that students feel more refreshed and eager to learn following a day at the beach.

Schedule Your Field Trip Today

Lovers Key is the perfect place to let kids have fun and explore nature. With tons of activities for students of all ages, it’s sure to be a day to remember.

Get in touch with Lovers Key Adventures and Events to reserve any equipment or amenities you might need for your fun field trip!

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