5 Things You Should Pack for a Canoe or Kayak Trip in Lovers Key State Park

5 Things You Should Pack for a Canoe or Kayak Trip in Lovers Key State Park

Have you spent most of your summer indoors? While you may have had a huge list of must-do summer activities, work and errands may have kept you inside more often than anticipated.

It’s not too late to get outside and enjoy that warm summer breeze! Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and fishing are all great ways to take a break from the stresses of daily life and reconnect with mother nature.

Don’t settle for any location. Lovers Key State Park is the perfect place to enjoy your trip. If you’ve decided to take a canoe or kayak trip, you’ll need to pack a few essential things and review canoe safety tips for making sure the day goes smoothly.

Do you want to know what to bring? Keep reading to discover five things you should pack for a canoe or kayak trip in Lovers Key State Park.

1. Sunscreen

Since you’ll be spending your day under the hot sun, sunscreen should top your canoe and kayak trip packing list. Without it, you’ll end up with a nasty sunburn, or worse, sun poisoning, that can ruin the rest of your summer.

Make sure you find a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect you. Bring it with you on your trip, so you can reapply it as needed. Bonus points, if you invest in an eco-friendly brand!

2. UPF Shirt

Although sunscreen can do wonders to protect you, it may not be enough. The sun is intense in Florida, and your shoulders will take a hit. A UPF shirt is necessary to give your shoulders and torso that extra protection.

3. Bathing Suit

What if you end up in the waters of Lovers Key State Park? Not only is it relaxing, but it’s a great way to cool your body off after you’ve been in the sun for a while.

That’s why a bathing suit should be one of the first things you think of when deciding what to bring canoeing or kayaking. Wear it under protective clothing, so if you get wet, it doesn’t matter.

You will also be ready to go swimming at the beach afterward.

4. Snacks and Water

Among your thoughts of nature and adventure, snacks may not have crossed your mind as essential paddling gear – but it is! While it may seem easy, canoeing and kayaking are good exercises. You’ll need some snacks to replenish your strength and avoid getting light headed.

High-protein snacks, like nuts, are your best option as it will give you the energy you need to stay out in the sun and keep you fuller longer. Be sure to bring enough water, as well. You’ll need to drink more than you usually do to replace all the water you’re losing by sweating.

5. Bug Repellant

Don’t think you can escape the bugs because you’re on the water! Insects still have their way of finding you. Lovers Key State Park has many other fun activities, including hiking, bird watching, and biking. If you want to partake in any of these activities, you’ll definitely also want bug repellant handy.

Canoe & Kayak Trip Packing List

If you’re trying to make the most of your summer, you may have a canoe or kayak trip to Lovers Key State Park planned. You should be sure to pack correctly, so you can enjoy your time here without any hiccups. Follow our canoe or kayak trip packing list to make sure you have the essentials.

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