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5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Lovers Key State Park

Whether you’re a Florida local or one of the 112.3 million Florida visitors, you need to consider having your wedding in Lovers Key State Park.

There is nothing more beautiful than a beach wedding in sunny Florida. Before you book the church or call the community hall, here are 5 reasons why you need to consider Lovers Key State Park for your wedding destination.

The Natural Backdrop

If you’re getting married on the beach, you’ll have the most stunning backdrop for the ceremony possible. Imagine how gorgeous the photos will be!

You can’t buy the kind of ambiance that the ocean provides. Nothing will feel more relaxing, romantic, and timeless than getting married with the sound of the waves rolling in the background.

Customize Your Wedding in Lovers Key State Park

Beach weddings are so easy to customize to your individual style. If you want a more relaxed style of wedding, then the beach is perfect for you! Some brides even go barefoot down the aisle during their wedding in Lovers Key State Park.

But you can still have a black tie affair on the beach. Night weddings on the beach can be just as formal and classic as any church wedding.

Planning a beach wedding gives you limitless options and all of them will look stunning.

Built-in Honeymoon Location

If you have a tightly packed schedule it can be tough to fit in a honeymoon. Many couples struggle to find the time and the money to travel for their wedding and then travel for their honeymoon.

If you have your wedding at Lovers Key State Park, then your honeymoon destination can be where you have your ceremony! No need to buy extra plane tickets or book more lodging. Lovers Key State Park has it all!

Your Guests Will Love It

Having your wedding in Southwest Florida is a great way to ensure that all of your guests have the best time.

Lovers Key has endless activities for everyone to try. Your wedding can easily turn into an awesome vacation for everyone! Destination weddings give everyone a chance to relax and enjoy your special moment.

There are adventurous activities like kayaking or snorkeling for your more free-spirited guests. And simply walking on the beach and enjoying the ocean will be a treat for everyone.

The Price

People often assume that a beach wedding is going to come with a huge price tag. But that’s not necessarily true!

If you are getting married on the beach, then there will be many aspects of your wedding that are entirely handled by the venue. Instead of searching around and paying 15 different service providers for your food, tables, decorations, flowers, etc. your location will take care of it all! This can cut out unforeseen expenses that start to add up.

Getting married on the beach is the best way to make your special day a gorgeous and memorable event for you and your guests.

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